Modules und Conditions

Here you can find out what our magic machine looks like and how it works. You'll also find information about the ice bar modules and our conditions. Let's go!

The ice cream machine

Our EiZ mixing machine is very easy and intuitive to use. In just a few steps, you can conjure up your customer's desired ice cream. If you feel like it, you can even let the customer do it themselves! The design of the machine was developed especially for the EIS-Zauberei® concept.

We have developed the organic basic ice cream according to our own recipes. It forms the basic substance for the unique taste experience. The basic ice cream is pre-portioned according to sales size and constantly cooled at a minimum of -18°C. What makes the EiZ so incredibly creamy remains our secret.

The modules

Our most successful sales concepts include two mobile variations.

Compact and fine - The EiZBar

With the slogan "probably the smallest ice cream factory in the world®", we offer you a small compact sales counter with a very small space requirement and extremely easy handling.

This type of EiZbar is available in various sizes (front lengths) and is very well suited for mobile use in your own indoor or outdoor area, for presentations at festivities outside the home, as an installation in a bar or sales counter or in mobile minicentres, kiosks and vehicles.

Unlimited individual possibilities:
Production of waffle ice cream, ice cream bowls, ice cream cups, ice cream bombs, ice cream cakes, ice cream coffees, milkshakes, mixed drinks from one basic ice cream variety!

The ice-cold facts

  • Use on smallest area, from 1.0 sqm
  • No direct water connection required
  • Power consumption at full capacity only approx. 800 W/h
  • EiZbar can be moved at any time due to rollers
  • Working chest is the same as storage chest (no additional ice showcase)
  • no large ice storage; one basic ice = more than 200 ice types
  • no loss of goods - no goods risk
  • quick and easy cleaning

Technical data

EiZbar 130-MOne

  • Width x depth x height: 1304 x 654 x 1680 mm
  • Weight, without goods: approx. 100 kg in total
  • Electrical connection: 230 V / 10 A - 0.75 kW
  • Cooling capacity, approx.: down to -26°C at 30°C outside temperature

Technical drawing

Robust and attractive - The Minicentre

The Minicentre is weatherproof, so it is also suitable for use outdoors. You can set it up in just a few steps. The module is lockable and complies with hygiene requirements.

With the Minicenter, you are super mobile, e.g. in shopping arcades, department stores, cinemas or on terraces, beer gardens, in sports and adventure areas, parks, pools and beaches.

The build up

The mobile cover is made of metal, has four stable castors and can be folded to just under one metre. The fold-out base can be wiped clean. The shelves are made of stainless steel. On the left side there is space for storage, in the right side there is a cash drawer and a pull-out hand sink with running water (cold/warm). In the front roof there is a light box for advertising offers. The rear area is buttoned up with two separate tarpaulins and opens and closes with a zipper.

In the middle, the complete EiZbar including the EiZ-mixing machine is pushed in.

Technical data

MMC 5 130-MOne

  • Width x depth x height: 1304 x 654 x 1680 mm
  • Weight, without goods: approx. 100 kg in total
  • Electrical connection: 230 V / 10 A - 0.75 kW
  • Cooling capacity, approx.: down to -26°C at 30°C outside temperature

Technical drawing


These conditions apply exclusively to Germany. Please enquire separately for other countries.

Locations: Cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants; in existing shops with high quality standards in central locations with above-average customer frequency.

Investment: depending on the concept, from approx. 17,000 EUR net, used depending on availability

Entry fee: none

Ongoing fees: Licence fee 75,- EUR net p.m.

Advertising fee: none

Equity capital: min. 30% of the investment

Contract period: 5 years

Renewal option: several times every 2 years

Purchase of goods: compulsory assortment of basic ice cream (2,000 litres p.a. depending on contractual exclusivity), advertising

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