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With us you will become an ice cream magician. The foundation is our basic organic ice cream. Now you add ingredients of your choice. There are no limits to your creativity. Magic turns your creation into an extraordinarily creamy ice cream before your eyes. What next? Enjoy your ice cream.

An idea, a love, an EiZ

All BasisEIS varieties are made from natural ingredients, are certified organic and produced according to our own recipe. They contain little sugar and fat and are therefore low in calories. In addition to milk ice cream, yogurt ice cream and chocolate ice cream, we also offer our vegan and lactose-free rice milk ice cream.

Diabetics, people with a gluten intolerance and allergy sufferers best enjoy our delicious fruit sorbets. YOU already realize: The EiZ idea excludes no one, but takes everyone along.

Nature on your tongue

We prefer to use regional ingredients. Whether sea buckthorn from the Brandenburg fields, Teltow turnips or strawberries from the local fruit farmer.

In our EiZ, the natural flavors of fruits and herbs as well as their healthy active ingredients are preserved. Flavor enhancers or dyes are not used in our products. Here you can taste nature!

Become an ice wizard yourself!

If there's one food that makes everyone happy, it's ice cream! We love the amazement in our customers' eyes when we hand them the EiZ we created ourselves. You want to experience something like that too? Then become an ice cream magician now and start your own business with a successful brand product!

We offer you:

  • A well-proven business model with a uniform marketing concept
  • A professional corporate design and free advertising materials
  • Continuous support and special training for you and your employees
  • Exchange with successful ice magicians from Germany and all over the world
  • High degree of individuality (e.g. purchase of ice cream ingredients from regional traders, no specifications)

Advantages of our modules:

  • Easy integration into existing operations
  • Little space required
  • Frozen storage in the counter
  • Minimal energy requirements
  • Without fixed water connection
  • Mobile use (e.g. for events)

Modules and Conditions


Whether internship, dual study or apprenticeship - start your career now in the smallest ice cream factory in the world!

You bring the following prerequisites with you:

Become your own boss

You are planning your independence and are between 22 and 60 years old. Your family is 100% supportive of your plans. You are a born salesperson, have organizational skills and prefer to work in a team. Due to your openness and sociability, you quickly get into conversation with other people.

It would be nice if you already have experience in sales. Your future store should be located in a town with more than 15,000 inhabitants and be in a good to very good location. If you also have a certain amount of equity, we look forward to getting to know you!

You are already an entrepreneur

You are an entrepreneur and have been running your own business for at least two years. Your store with public traffic is located in a good or very good location. You pursue your own clearly recognizable concept, pay attention to quality and customer proximity. It would be great if you are active in the sports, adventure, health, gastronomy, bakery/confectionery sectors.

If you would like to open your own ice cream store or are looking for an innovation to enrich your current business concept, we look forward to your inquiry!

Company history

  • Beginnings


    With a starting capital of 5,000 marks (from the GDR), a 4-5 year old company car of the type Trabant 601 sedan, no telephone, no fax and a PC with a 40MB hard drive, the company history of Eiszauberei began. The ice cream idea, which was completely unknown in the ice cream industry until then, did not allow Wolfgang Brasch, the founder of EiZ, to rest.

  • EiZ love for all

    EiZ love for all

    From the beginnings, the unique concept of the customisable EiZ developed further. Gourmets of all denominations and diets should be able to enjoy the extraordinary ice creations. Since 2004, all our basic ice cream varieties have been produced in organic quality. In addition, we have developed our vegan and lactose-free rice milk ice cream. The EiZ idea excludes no one, but takes you all with us!


  • Around the world

    Around the world

    Currently, Eiszauberei has over 70 locations throughout Germany. Internationally, we already have partners in Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Israel and Venezuela. One of our strongest partners is Russia, where you can now find over 100 EiZbars.

EiZ Central

EIS-Zauberei Rheinsberg
Inhaber Wolfgang Brasch e.K.
Kurt-Tucholsky-Str. 36
16831 Rheinsberg

Opening hours
365 days a year

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Whether internship, dual study or apprenticeship - start your career now in the smallest EiZ manufacture in the world!

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